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Matoula Koutsari

Managing Director

Matoula Koutsari is Cultural Events Manager with a background in Economics and Cultural Studies. She worked in Thessaloniki as Production and Event Manager for various conferences and cultural projects. She moved to Berlin in January 2012 where she became the Head of Production of WOMEX – World Music Expo. Since December 2016 she moved back to Thessaloniki and supports the Octopus.Garden activities.

Steffen Boettcher


General manager of the communications agency brandung3, as well as of the MEER-SEEN Wassersportschule.

Christian Goiny


Spokesperson of media policy for the CDU Parliamentary Group in the Berlin House of Representatives and a great friend of Thessaloniki.

Julia Simone Ismiroglou


Manager for Events / Controller and deputy member of the foundation board “Stiftung Stadtmuseum”Berlin.

Creation Broker Owener

Sankt Oberholz

Piranha Arts