Octopus Garden presents “Sounds Like Thessaloniki: The city’s musical vibe”

Sounds Like Thessaloniki is a project that aims to present the current musical vibe, trends and activity in Thessaloniki through collectives, groups, individual artists and DJs who are active in the city’s music scene, each representing a different philosophy and covering a wide range of music styles and activities.
Octopus Garden will be collaborating with each group/individual on presenting their philosophy and musical perspective and establishing a connection with other similar groups and artists in Berlin.

We set our sights on bringing artists together,
supporting collaboration and exchange and promoting
Thessaloniki’s musical activity abroad.

The artists

are musicians, DJs, music collectives based in Thessaloniki. They focus on different music styles, organize a wide range of activities, represent a different philosophy and perspective. They all share a love for music.

The mixtapes

are curated by the collectives participating so far in our project and consist of 12 songs that represent their music style and identity. Each month we will be presenting a different collective and their mixtape on our Mixcloud and YouTube channel, social media and website. Our media partners will be supporting this project by promoting and broadcasting our monthly mixtapes.

Are you an artist or collective based in Thessaloniki and want to join?

Our Media Partners and Sponsors


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